Thaw frozen products in a controlled way to the desired temperature.

Tempering in a controlled way

In Gameren, we temper your frozen products. Tempering is defrosting deep-frozen products to the desired temperature. This is done in a controlled way so that it does not entail any risks for food safety. This allows us to thaw products stored at -18 ° C in a correct and controlled manner to the desired temperature. The defrosting process is product dependent.

Capacity and quality

Our tempering cells have a capacity of 500 tons per week. We defrost both small and large parties to the desired temperature. Because Van Soest Coldstores knows your product compositions perfectly, we also understand the consequences for the defrosting process. This way we know exactly how to deal with defrosting.

After the products have passed through the tempering cells, we move them to cold stores where they are stored at the same temperature. We have years of experience in defrosting butter.