Shock freezing

Freezing goods quickly and controlled? Shock freezing at Van Soest Coldstores is the answer.

Each day we can freeze in 500 tons of foodstuffs in a very short time.

A quick transition from fresh to deep-frozen thanks to shock freezing.

As a leading international company in the cooling and freezing sector, freezing foodstuffs holds no secrets for Van Soest Coldstores. Freezing goods quickly and controlled? Leave it to the experts. With shock freezing according to requirements. Our slogan is ‘perfect ice cold services’ for good reason.

Shock freezing up to 500 tons a day

With our nine freezing tunnels we can freeze 500 tons of foodstuffs each day in a very short time. Then your deep-frozen products are available at any time of the day to further make their way to the end customer.

Advantages of shock freezing

Thanks to the innovative shock freezing method we bring all your products to the required temperature as quickly as possible. How? By blowing air around the inside our shock freezers at extreme temperatures over a very short period.  In so doing we quickly bring the foodstuffs far below freezing point. Our storage units can be set at temperatures down to -23 °C. Shock freezing has numerous advantages:

  • The structure of the product remains intact 
  • The quality of the product is guaranteed 
  • No chance of bacteria spread 
  • Nutritional properties (vitamins, proteins, mineral salts) are preserved 
  • Perfect preservation of the taste