Storage and transfer

Van Soest Coldstores is a leading logistics service provider for both the storage and transfer of refrigerated and deep-frozen food products.

Large storage capacity at the heart of the Benelux

In search of a reputable and reliable partner for the storage and freezing of foodstuffs? Van Soest is the place to go. We are situated on two great locations, namely Rijkevorsel and Venlo. Rijkevorsel is just in between the world ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam and Venlo is the logistical hotspot of the Netherlands.

With a storage capacity of 40,000 pallets and all the necessary in-house knowledge, we store your goods for shorter or longer periods at the required temperature. We have no fewer nine freezing tunnels with which we can freeze 500 tons of fresh meat, fish, dairy products and fruit each day. From raw materials to deep-frozen finished products: Van Soest Coldstores is the place to go for your freezing needs!

And that’s not all.  We not only freeze in, we also stack your goods from shelves to pallets or whatever your needs may be. This is done quickly and without problems thanks to our modern machinery with reach trucks, fork-lift trucks and electric pallet trucks. Smooth and fast storage guaranteed.

Down to work with your logistical needs

As a leading logistics service provider, besides storage we also take responsibility for the transfer of refrigerated and deep-frozen goods. To eliminate all your concerns relating to your logistics process. To do this we have already been working with reputable partners in the transport sector for many years. Our operating bases in Rijkevorsel and Venlo have a great location as the one in Rijkevorsel is close to the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Flushing and the one in Venlo is close to Germany.

Modern software sees and traces everything

Van Soest Coldstores always prides itself on its quick responses. This is down to its customer-oriented service, but also thanks to investments in the latest technologies. We closely monitor your goods 24/24, 7/7 with automatic temperature alarm systems that warn us in the case of any temperature fluctuations. And every 30 minutes we register the space temperatures in our deep-freeze units and shock freezers. 

Thanks to our state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System we know exactly what arrives at and departs from our cold storage facility and when. And you do to. Log in on our web portal and follow status of your goods yourself.